Sodium silicate :

Sodium silicate, commonly known as "waterglass", is prominent due to wide commercial and industrial application. It is often composed of an oxygen-silicon polymer backbone housing water in molecular matrix pores. Sodium silicate products are manufactured as solids or thick liquids, depending on intended use. For instance, waterglass functions as a sealant in metal components. Lastly, although sodium silicate production is a mature industry, there is ongoing research for new applications given its heat conductive properties.

In these days, Sodium silicate is one of the consumption Material in Chemical and many industries like detergent industry which has many consumer and it is produced in Solution and Solid state with high purity. Producing of Sodium silicate with different ratios is the very important point about the ability of this line.

(Sodium Silicate 2, 2.2 ,2.4 , 2.6 ,2.8)

sodium silicate 2.2 and 2.4 (Alkaline) which is available in crystal form. Its chemical properties enable it to be used in assortment of industries. Some of its common applications areas include:

1.For manufacturing electrodes
2.For manufacturing chemicals like silicate gel & precipitated silica
3.As a raw material in detergent industry
4.In ceramic industry
5.In paper industry

(Sodium Silicate 3.0 -3.2 )

sodium silicate 3.0 (Neutral) in liquid form. The chemical properties of liquid sodium silicate makes it a suitable choice for manufacturing of laundry soap, detergent cake, sodium meta-silicate, fire resisting & acid proof cement, casting, electrodes. Along with this sodium silicate is also used for manufacturing silica gel, toothpaste, precept silica

titanium dioxide, electrodes, construction chemicals, oil field chemicals, paints, pigments, paper making, paper cones & tubes, fiber drums and foundry fluxes.

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